JES! Towards a Joint Effort Society, a General Theory on Development (& Ecolution Method)

@nonfixe and @ecolutie we have been busy writing: JES! Towards a Joint Effort Society, a General Theory on Development (& Ecolution Method) The follow-up of Only Winners (Erasmus University) looks for patterns in current society and gives clues on how to progress ecological, economical, socio-cultural and psychological towards a higher level of awareness & wellbeing. Direction: a future without deprivation & depletion. Common sense for those who understand that sharing & accumulative learning is in their own interest.

Two questions led to the writing of JES!: What causes the inability of the human race to create a World where everybody is free and healthy, with enough food and water for everyone? And: How can destructive behaviour, decisionmaking and technologies turn into constructive sustainable ways of living for the benefit of all, people, planet and profit, here and now, there and later?

The manuscript is currently under review of international scientists and peers.

Sneak preview: Why might you want to read this book?

The world we live in is a strange place filled with visible and invisible systems that are all interconnected, entangled, interfering with and, influencing each other. This has always been so, but the actions and reactions seem to speed up since reality got a digital twin. Economic, ecologic, socio-cultural and psychological crises have been ravaging the globe, leaving many individual people, organisations and communities at the verge of breakdown. The call for change gets louder by the minute and many think that change has to come from more law and order, stricter security, zero-tolerance. Such measurements go at the cost of essential freedom(s), such as freedom of speech, freedom to differ and freedom of movement. At the same time governmental institutes lose their authority and the general reaction is another crackdown on personal liberty and privacy.

The point is that the problems we face will not be solved by harsh regulations, nor by unlimited individual freedom. These problems are complex and incorporate contradictions. They are divergent, as E.F. Schumacher writes in his Guide for the Perplexed[1]. To solve them mankind – starting one individual at the time – has to climb to a higher level, a plateau from where opposites can be reconciled in a larger vision. Democracy, for instance, is such a concept on a higher level that overarches opposites. Decisionmaking in a functioning democracy is done by the majority with due observance of the interest of the minority(s). The last part of this definition prevails people from getting screwed, inhabits freedoms to disagree and dissent and, takes a society towards a Nobody Rules plateau while preventing anarchy or inertness. Decisions can be made and implemented and the people living in the society can be free.

JES! offers concepts and ways that help to analyse what is going on around you. You learn to see the patterns and to translate reality into concepts of your own. The book shows a new way of looking at things and events. It learns you to master complexity and to dance with systems. You learn to understand and to create solutions. You can fit technological progress in this fresh approach of sustainable development that goes beyond the traditional track of thinking.

That is why we use a new word: Ecolution.

You learn to play with it, give it a meaning of your own, so you understand why politicians, economists, psychologists and other professionals say what they say, but don’t act upon those words. Put your own worldview next to the perception of others and create a vision on where all that is happening leads to. Learn to use the Ecolution matrix so you can define complexity into simple concepts and subsequently mix several concepts into something new. Break down old order and hierarchy and replace that with fresh ways of thinking and, acting! It is all inside this book.

JES! is the beginning of a journey to the future, the discovery of a lost track. It is up to you to construct your follow-up, your present and your future.

Frank & Caro

Vught, the Netherlands

frank @ / caro @

Ecolutie, 01.21.2013

The above is a deleted scene from JES! Towards a Joint Effort Society.

Authors: Frank van Empel & Caro Sicking

ISBN: 978.94.90665.111

Publisher: Studio nonfiXe

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