Only Winners, Todos Ganados, Alle Gewinnen – summaries

The thesis called Only Winners by Frank van Empel (author at Ecolutie) and Martin Bakker was defended on Thursday April 26, 2012, at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Both authors put theory and practice together in order to develop a working method, toolbox and new conceptual framework for regional sustainable development.

The Only Winners Matrix can be perceived as a compass and measuring tool in one for decision makers as well as individuals to find out if a development is sustainable and leads to equal prosperity for people, planet and profit. On the Matrix one finds three phases: destruction – deconstruction – construction on the horizontal axe that are combined with behaviour – technology – decision making on the vertical axe.

The measurement is done by using concepts that comply with seven criteria. This creates a dynamic model, with changing concepts which are validated by the criteria.

Whenever a development is destructive for people, environment or economy, deconstruction has to be committed. Ecolution (Ecolutie in Dutch) is the most prominent deconstruction path. The authors call it the lost track, the expedition towards an unknown future that leads to a society we all want to be part of: a society of Only Winners.

The model foresees in developments that are constructive at one time and turn destructive over the years. Like the Industrial Revolution which was a huge step forward for humanity, but stranded on its’ own success and leaves us nowadays with global issues that are not easy to solve: poverty – food crises – environmental problems – climate change et cetera.

Underneath you can find the English, German and Spanish translation of the summary of Only Winners. We hope we are able to translate the entire book soon for those of you who are interested.

Short summary only winnersUna resena Todos GanadosZusammenfassung Alle Gewinnen

For the translations we have to thank: Prof. Dr. Don Huisingh – English version, Lisa van Empel – Spanish version and Prof. Mag. Arch. Ing.Dr.h.c. Peter Schmid – German version.

Image: Barend van Hoek, Victory 4 all, pencil on paper, 2012

Caro Sicking, Ecolutie, April 29 2012

The English follow-up of Only Winners, titled JES! is available at amazon from February 1, 2014. In Dutch and Flemish bookstores and webshops the printed edition will be available from March 10, 2014.

Authors: Frank van Empel & Caro Sicking

ISBN: 978.94.90665.111

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Title: Allemaal Winnen,  duurzame, regionale ontwikkeling (Ecolutie)

Authors: Martin Bakker & Frank van Empel

ISBN: 978.94.90665.043

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ISBN e-book: 978.94.90665.050

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Publisher: Studio nonfiXe


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