The overall convenient action: Joint Effort Society (JES!)

One of the big mistakes of economists is that they claim to be able to organize society while using static models and data from the past. Neo-liberal economics brought the destructive adage of growth for growth and has turned into the biggest scam of all. The ones who are getting screwed are the poor, as always. Today there are more slaves in the world than ever before.

Frank van Empel & Caro Sicking for Ecolutie


However there is some hope. For the rich will be screwed too, soon. Clean air, floods and hurricanes do not discriminate, although the poor always suffer more, the rich will suffer as well. This macabre fact means it will get harder to protect property, to live healthy, to raise a child. All men and women are going to realize and learn about the reciprocity of nature. Every society through time has been based on reciprocity. This basic human characteristic allows people to cooperate. Technology connects small people with tiny voices and grants them the mass change requires. Internet supports cooperation and accumulative learning. These virtual rhizomes work from the bottom-up and manifest in the real world. Hierarchies crumble, that is the problem for politicians who lose their grip on the society they rule as representatives while taking care of their own. Direct democracy has become a genuine possibility.

Three solutionfinding clusters

A model to design strategy and create vision needs to be dynamic and sensitive, always on the move, checking and balancing and deciding for each moment and every space again what a convenient action is. Such a model is the matrix from Only Winners[1]. On the vertical axis (Y) are three solutionfinding clusters: behaviour – technology/institutionalization – decisionmaking. The horizontal axis (X) shows a passage through time developments tend to follow again and again: destruction phase – deconstruction phase – construction phase.

The End of Competition

Today the overall convenient action is cooperation, accumulative learning and sharing knowledge, skills and resources. The end of competition is a logical move for humanity, since competition will leave us all empty-handed. It causes depletion and deprivation, resource wars and economic downfalls.

The solution can be summarized as a Joint Effort Society. The vision can be designed through defining relevant concepts and generating guidelines or principles. In a Joint Effort Society people are able to live the life they have reason to value, in meaningful wellbeing. All contribute according to their abilities and all reap the fruits.

A call for positive action: Ecolution

As soon as we recognize – and act upon – the economy is embedded in ecology and limited in social justice the era of everybody gets their own is finished. The trend towards the end of competition already is visible in the niche of society, in the conceptual framework of organizations like the EU and the UN – helas not yet in many of their workings – and in the doings of many an individual or community. These are the promising sprouts for the future.

JES! is a call for positive action. In system language: it learns people and organizations to look for leverage points (deconstruction) that take the wellbeing of more than 7 billion people to a higher level each time we act (construction). This incremental progress to higher levels of wellbeing, is called ecolution.

Ecolutie, April 2 2013

Authors: Frank van Empel & Caro Sicking

ISBN: 978.94.90665.111

Publisher: Studio nonfiXe

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[1] Allemaal Winnen, Bakker & Van Empel, Erasmus University Rotterdam, published by nonfiXe, April 2012

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